See and Spell Wooden Puzzles

Best Gift for 4-year Old Girls

Why people love it
  • Makes learning the alphabet fun
  • Great for hands-on learners
  • Constructed from sturdy wood instead of plastic or cardboard

Helps your favorite 4-year old girl improve her fine motor skills while mastering the ABCs. Pictures are colorful and easy for young kids to identify.

Parents lament that this puzzle set would be perfect if it came with a lid. You may want to store this in a closet or cabinet.


Why she’s gotta have it: At this age, she probably has an interest in letters (or maybe you’re hoping she develops one before kindergarten). The double-sided spelling boards save space, plus she won’t end up scattering as many pieces throughout the house. We love that each board contains familiar words rather than weird stuff kids won’t recognize.

Price: $15 is an excellent price for high-quality puzzles from Melissa and Doug. The pieces are made from wood, not cardboard, so they should last a while.

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