Best Lightweight Tommy John Underwear

Air Icon Boxer Brief
  • They’ll feel like you’re wearing nothing underneath your clothing!
  • Designed to keep away bacteria and odors for maximum freshness
  • Comfortable and wonderfully lightweight
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Super lightweight, cool and comfortable in blistering summer heat, great feel to the fabric, comfortable design. The underwear you want to use to “go commando” in style!

Pricier than the rest, not the best for exercise.


Fit and Comfort: If you’re the type who likes to go commando, these are your top pick. They’re so lightweight they’ll almost feel like nothing’s there, and you’ll be comfortable in your underwear all day long thanks to the breathable, well-ventilated material.

The fit is as comfortable as you’d expect from Tommy John underwear, with the “No Wedgie” guarantee and 360-degree elasticity to give you free range of movement. Thanks to the built-in contour pouch, you can keep everything supported and looking their very best—great for when you take your pants off in private company.

Fabric and Durability: The underwear is made with a blend of 77% Nylon mesh and 23% Spandex. The fact that they’re both synthetic fabrics means they’re much lighter than cotton. The nylon mesh gives you good ventilation and breathability, while the Spandex enhances durability and helps the underwear stay nice and elastic.

The underwear aren’t designed for heavy gym use, but they can handle the sweat of your day to day use no problem. Keep them for the days when you’re lounging around or heading off to work in your business clothes, and you’ll keep everything downstairs supremely comfortable all day long.

Price: At $48 per pair, these are the priciest on our list. They aren’t the underwear you use at the gym, but they’re just what you need if you want to be comfortable on your day off or at the office all day. Well worth owning!


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