Just place this battery-operated product under your doormat and it will terrify anyone that steps on it.

  • Simply place it under your doormat
  • Battery operated (and 2x AA batteries included) 
  • Makes screaming and thunder Sounds

On Halloween, you kind of need to go all out and this is just one of the ways to do it. Plus, this screaming doormat is an Amazon #1 Bestseller. And, since it slides underneath your regular doormat, no one will be the wiser before they step on it.

What Reviewers Say:

  • The voice quality isn't great on this BUT it totally worked to scare the heck out of my trick or treaters, adults as well as kids. It was very entertaining watching them approach my house. Most jumped and screamed, then started laughing. I don't recommend it just to put under a door mat for a non-scary house. I totally recommend it if you decorate scary and disguise it like I did!
  • And we had been searching for a while. We received one as a gift a long time ago. It lasted more than a decade. This one is much better. It has an on/off switch, an assortment of things it says, and it hides right under the regular doormat so no one suspects anything until they step on it. The seller was incredibly helpful and the doormat arrived within hours of our ordering it.
  • I put this under a spider door mat at the entrance to my front courtyard. All had to step on it to enter. We had many shrieks from the kids. This helped make my house the hit of the neighborhood.

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