Best Christmas Gift Combining Form and Function

ScotteVest Sterling Jacket
  • Doesn't wrinkle with heavy use; comfortable
  • Durable material and sleek design
  • Maximum convenience for carrying everything you need
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Comfortable design, uber-practical, great for traveling, durable material, and resistant to wrinkles.

Sizes are larger than normal; pricey.


The Details: If he wants to feel uber-cool as he travels, this jacket is just what he'll want. With 25 pockets, he's got more than enough space to carry just about any gadget he could need—and a few he won't! The jacket comes with loops for his earbuds, pockets to block RFID scanners, handwarmer pockers, a keychain, water bottle loop, and more hidden pockets than he'll know what to do with.

The cotton blend is wrinkle-resistant, and is Teflon-treated to be both stain and water-resistant. The zip-off sleeves turn the jacket into a vest quickly, making it an ideal all-weather garment.

Price: Yes, $150 is a lot to pay for a jacket, but when you consider how convenient it will be for him to carry everything he needs, it's definitely worth it. Plus, it's fairly stylish and can be used no matter where he is.


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