Why people love it
  • "I have one for every exterior door at my house!"
  • "Great technology, great lock"
  • "We LOVE the Schlage LiNK system!"

The Schlage LiNK Wireless is easy to install, works flawlessly, and has an excellent battery life - all for a very reasonable price. 

Be aware that you cannot lock or unlock this lock remotely. 


Design: The sleek, modern design matches other locks very well. 

Installation: The system is easy to install and goes in just like a regular door lock.

Performance: The Schlage Link Wireless Keypad Add-on Deadbolt allows you to receive notifications whenever the deadbolt is used. This deadbolt allows you to give out up to 19 personalized codes for family and friends. Whenever any of these codes are used you can get a notification letting you know which code was used. With the added Link service you can monitor access, or give access, to anyone from any phone.

Price: At just over $150, the ease of installation and flawless performance make this lock well worth the investment.

What Reviewers Say:

  • "Great quality lock! Z-Wave allows me to program and monitor the lock activity remotely. Customizable pin codes allow you to identify who is entering the house or you can have your Z-Wave system send you a text message. The lock is of very good quality and eliminates the need for a key. I started using combination locks when my children would come home and needed a key to get in. No more hiding a key or losing the key that was in the backpack."
  • "This lock came installed on the front door of my home as a standard feature (I purchased a muddy lot and had the house built). I love it. I can lock the door by pushing a button on the front and then using a code to get back in. For someone who leaves her keys inside a locked house several times a year this is very handy. I love being able to take my dogs for a walk and bunch a few buttons when I return instead of fumbling for a key and using it while managing two hyper dogs."
  • "I purchased the z-wave dead bolt version to use with a Vera wireless remote controller. There is no monthly fee involved either. This is a great device that will save me lots of time, energy and money on my vacation rental. It works as advertised but note that it does not actually move the bolt, it simply engages or disengages the outer knob. Someone must be there to turn the knob to lock or unlock."



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