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  • Works super well
  • More than convenient

This touch screen keypad operates with batteries and fits standard doors. Better still, it can store 30 personalized user codes and works with Z-Wave tech to integrate with your other systems.

This lock chews through batteries quickly. You will need to have spares on hand.


When you’re on the road, it’s normal to worry about what’s happening at home and whether Fido is getting the daily walk you scheduled. A Smart lock is just the way to ease everyone’s tensions – and make sure people can get in when you need it.

Looking for a full review of this Smart lock? Take a look at this Faveable article. In fact, it will give you a run-down of all the best Smart locks out there. And, if you’ve already got locks you can trust, consider these security cameras. And, Nest will help you save heating and cooling costs while still maintaining ideal temperatures for your pets.

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