Why people love it
  • Up to 8-digit code helps to enhance security
  • User manual makes it easy to program the lock
  • Packed with security features (auto-locking, Z-Wave connectivity, etc.) to enhance home security

The Schlage Connect is integrated with existing Z-Wave home automation systems, fingerprint-proof touchscreen pad, and allows you to set longer codes for enhanced security. Easy to install and encased in a sturdy burglar-proof casing.

Some models received by consumers were defective.


Design: This lock features a simple keypad, with two pre-installed 4-digit codes and the ability to add up to 30 - four to eight-digit codes.  Rated ANSI-1 (highest level) security, this lock has a durable, fingerprint-resistant touchscreen that makes it easy to enter your access code. The satin nickel finish makes it a classy-looking lock, and it's durable and tamper-proof. The deadbolt locking mechanism ensures no one is getting into your home!

Installation: This lock is beautifully easy to install! It will take about as much time and effort as any regular deadbolt, and will easily sync with your Z-Wave system via the smart lock app SmartThings. A few users have struggled with Z-Wave setup, but the instruction manual gives a detailed step-by-step guide on how to do it right.

Performance: The lock is highly reliable, durable, and built to last. It has an amazing battery life, and comes with a single master key to use in case of emergencies or battery failure. It will alert you if someone tampers with it or breaks into your house, or even if someone is trying to open it with the wrong codes. Should someone try to break in, there's a super-loud alarm built in. It's high-grade security at its best.

Price: At $155, this is a pricey deadbolt to install on your front door! But, if you want only the best smart lock, you'd do well to consider it an investment in your home security.

What Reviewers Say:

  • "Works exactly as advertised. Looks very classy and clean on the outside of the door. Inside, it is a little bulky but you get used to it. After a week, it looks completely normal. Programming was straightforward as long as you follow the instructions to the letter. It does work with SmartThings. Very easy to pair it to the hub. It becomes a "thing" that you can then set up with Smart Apps. I have mine set to make sure the door is locked at a specific time. If I every forget to lock it, it will lock itself at night. I plan to come up with some more creative uses."
  • "This product is just awesome! It looks amazing on my door, it sure will impress visits and maybe deter robbers, lol. Install was a breeze, the instructions are perfect, step by step. Programing was real easy, just follow the instructions. I can't wait to test out Z-Wave once smartthings version2 is released."
  • "This lock was easy to install. The faceplate is very sleek and modern and high quality. The exterior keypad is solid black, and the numbers are only visible when you press the keypad to unlock it. And the numbers are illuminated in blue."
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