Why people love it
  • Heartwarming design
  • Fragrant aroma
  • Handmade in the United States

Long-lasting candle with a fragrance that’s noticeable without being overpowering. Sweet poem on the front of the candle lets Mom know you care.

Reviewers warn that some of the scents seem to get mixed up during the shipping process. For example, one reviewer complained her cinnamon candle smelled like vanilla.


Why she needs it:  You can never have too many candles, at least that’s what we keep telling ourselves. Mom will adore this candle - not just because it smells amazing, but because it has a heartwarming message on the front. Expect to see her proudly display this scented candle in a hard-to-miss location.

Price:  This candle costs between $20 and $25, which makes it one of the most affordable gifts on our list.

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