ScarAway 100% Silicon Self-Drying Scar Repair Gel

Best Scar Removal Product to Splurge on

Why people love it
  • Good for new surgery scars
  • Flattens scars and softens skin
  • Scars become almost invisible

This FDA-1 medical treatment is effective at flattening scars and is discreet to use anywhere – especially on facial scars.

In addition to the price, there are more than a few users that report it taking too long to dry.


Okay, not everyone can afford this scar removal gel, but if you can, it’s a terrific way to go. It’s really effective at flattening and reducing the irritation of scars. It’s most effective for surgery scars and is frequently recommended by healthcare professionals for skin cancer wounds. But, it should absolutely be used twice a day to ensure it does the job it should do.

When it comes to application, it’s a little touch and go. There are some users that experience a rapid-drying product, but there are a few that find it dries too slowly (or never quite absorbs completely). Humidity may have something to do with it, so it’s best not to put it on in a steamy bathroom. And, while you need to give it a few months before scars will start appearing invisible, some users and wounds disappear much faster.

Consistency: It’s a transparent (usually fast-drying) liquid gel that absorbs quickly.

Scent: It’s supposed to be odorless. If you receive a product that smells strongly (perhaps a little like nail polish), then you should get in touch with the manufacturer.

Notable ingredients: Polysiloxanes and silicon dioxide, which many surgical pharmacists recommend.

Parabens: No

Cruelty-free: Unknown

Application: Brush onto scars twice daily. It can be sticky at first, but it should dry quickly. If it doesn’t, then you may have applied too much; just dab it with a paper towel.

Package options: 0.71 oz

Cost: It’s around $40 for a single tube. Amazon does offer a 2-pack which will save you a few bucks, and there is also a Subscribe and Save option. All the same, it does cost something like $55 per ounce. It’s expensive, but it gets the job done.

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