Best Luxury Workout Underwear for Men

Saxx Kinetic Long Leg Boxer Brief
  • Underwear does everything: support, comfort, and cool
  • Comfort pouch built into underwear to keep everything separate
  • Great for high performance workouts
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The Saxx Kinetic Long Leg is probably the most popular and highly lauded workout underwear we’ve found that satisfies both critics (like Men’s Health, Runner Click, and Outside Online) and consumers alike. There’s no slipping, no riding, no chafing, and no soggy mess to deal with afterwards. These are awesome.

None! Aside from the fact that they are a bit expensive.


Comfort: Because these are made with a longer leg, you’re not going to have to worry about the legs rolling up on you and getting in the middle of your workout. And the fabric itself feels great.

Support: Customers rave about the almost compression-like feel of the fabric that keeps everything put while they work out.

Breathability: The comfort pouch comes with an inner sling that separates your junk from the rest of you, helping to add to the coolness of this underwear.

Price: These are definitely on the expensive side, but if you need reliable underwear for high performance workouts, this is a smart pick.


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