Derek Rose Men's Regimental Ash Boxer

Best Men's Cotton Boxer Shorts

Why people love it
  • High quality cotton feels fantastic
  • Perfectly tailored for the best fit
  • Great variety in colors and patterns

Some reviewers have had issues with the sizing running too small or large.


Fabric: Customers can’t get enough of how soft this 100% cotton underwear feels.

Support: If you’re shopping for boxers, you’re probably not looking for support. That being said, some reviewers have had issues with this underwear being too saggy or hanging too low, so make sure to check your sizing before purchasing.

Comfort: No bunching. No riding up. No gap in the fly. And a high quality and durable cotton construction that makes for a great fit. These underwear are the epitome of comfort.

Price: These typically run in the $45 to $55 range, but we were able to find them for less currently at Amazon.

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