There are some simple innovations you shouldn't be without. This one saves rain water for outdoor use when you need it.

  • Divert water from the down spout into your watering can or barrel
  • Easy close flap for winter months
  • Different sizes available

Sometimes it rains so much in summer that you can't believe just how much water is wasted. At other times, we know you wish you could conserve every drop of rain water possible. Both are great reasons to invest in a water diverter. Rather than letting all that water head into the ground under your spout, you can place your watering can (or, better yet, a rain barrel) under this spout. Save the water for that moment when your plants need it the most - or use it for outdoor cleaning jobs (like your car). Brilliant, right?

Now, you will need to install it, but most reviewers report it to be an easy process.

What Reviewers Say:

75% of Amazon reviewers give this water-saving product a full 5 stars. We love that!

  • With $900 dollar water bills here in Houston, Texas - I had to do something besides use city water. This ugly metal thing works great! I looked at the other diverters & when I saw how poorly they collected water, clipped on to drains with flimsy plastic clips - I knew it would not survive one rain storm here in Houston. So far no rust or problems, you just have to paint it the color of your drains (paint it twice, once when it is closed & once when it is open) because it stands out with its ugly metallic grey ... so I had it painted yellow and now people don't even notice it until they are standing right next to it ... then they say wow, cool ... now you don't have to pay the city to water your garden. That is right, no more money for the city of Houston. Now my outrageous water bills are $28 to $52 dollars per month, much more affordable - all due to getting as much water as possible into my rain barrels.
  • This one--Save the Rain Water Metal Diverter--works wonderfully and efficiently, and is easy to install. (I have both the 2x3 and 3x4 inch sizes).
  • This is vastly superior to what we were previously using as a diverter for the rain barrel on our deck. Simple to install and simple to use. Our rain barrel fills up in 5 to 10 minutes in a heavy rain and then we just close it. Highly recommend!
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