Philips Wake-Up Lights Alarm Clock

Most Pleasant Alarm Clock

Why people love it
  • Lights simulate sunrise for more natural wake-up
  • Light and sound settings are fully customizable
  • LED light bulb is energy-saving and lasts a very long time

Gentle wake-up with lights and soft sounds, personalized alarm tone and light settings, also doubles as bedside lamp.

Controls are small and hard to read/set.



This wake-up light is more than just an alarm clock--it's a system designed to simulate the sunrise. The light slowly brightens in anticipation of you getting up, with a 20 to 40-minute "sunrise" duration depending on your settings. The light reaches 300 lux, roughly the same as a basic indoor light bulb, but in a gradual change that will help you to slowly come out of sleep rather than suddenly waking up.


Don't like white light? Try setting it to red, orange, or yellow with the customizable LED bulb. The wake-up lights come with a built-in alarm clock, with FM radio capability or five different gentle alert sounds. Its dual alert feature allows you to set two different wake-up times, and its simple tap-to-snooze design makes it easy for you to get a few more minutes of light sleep.


Make no mistake: this is a pricey unit! At $130+, it's a high-priced device. But if you HATE the jolting wake-up of  typical alarms, you'll love the more natural, gentler wake-up design of this unique alarm.

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