Saucony Men's Kinvara 6

Best Cushioned Running Shoes

Why people love it

• Cushioning makes it feel like you're running on a cloud

• Lightweight, flexible, and comfortable—great street running shoes

• Excellent shock absorption; ideal for heavier runners


Tight around the forefoot, and the soles lack durability.


Performance: For those who need more cushioning in their shoes, the Kinvara 6 is a great option. Despite its "minimalist" design, you'll find it offers excellent cushioning for your heels, arches, and forefoot—including a shock-absorbing design that helps to minimize impact on your joints. It's also lightweight and beautifully flexible, making it an ideal pair of running shoes for streets, trails, and treadmills.

The traction of the shoes is decent, though the soles don't offer the durability you'd get with a pricier pair of shoes. However, if you spend most of your time indoors, it's the pair of cushioned running shoes you need.

Features: The shoes are built with a nylon and leather upper, which provides durability beyond that offered by synthetic fabrics. The breathable mesh keeps your feet nice and cool as you run and also minimizes odors. The lacing system is good, ensuring the shoes grip your feet tightly without being uncomfortable.

In addition to the solid midfoot and forefoot cushioning, the heel has extra layers of shock absorption to reduce joint impact. The FlexFilm support frame keeps your feet from sliding around in the shoes and prevents friction/blisters.

Price: The cost of these shoes starts at $64 and goes just over $100, depending on size. A slightly higher price tag, but worth it for a pair of shoes that offer excellent cushioning for your runs.

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