Saucony Men's Guide 9

Best Stability Running Shoes

Why people love it

• Stability shoe perfect for overpronators (those with low arches)

• No break-in period required; comfortable right out of the box

• Great for long walks, runs, and treadmill training sessions


Excellent stability, good arch support, decent durability, flexible sole, lightweight, good cushioning, not as pricey as latest model, firm midsole, good ventilation, and very comfortable.

Sizes run small and narrow, and the heel cup tends to wear down and rub your ankles.


Performance: For those who need stability running shoes, these deliver quality at a price tag you love. The shoes are comfortable even for long runs, with a lacing system that's snug without cutting off blood supply and a thick outsole that offers good support and cushioning. They offer support without reducing versatility and mobility, thanks to their flexible sole. The stiffness of the midfoot is just right to correct your overpronation and support your low arches.

The shoes are comfortable right out of the box, so you can put them on and go for a run on the same day—no break-in time required. They're great for walks, hikes, runs, cycling, elliptical training, and treadmills. A runner's best friend, with all the stability you need!

Features: The shoe is made with the textile and synthetic upper that keeps your feet properly ventilated, preventing excessive sweating and bad odors. The rubber sole is durable and offers decent traction. The EVERUN cushioning built into the insole will encourage forward motion with less effort from your leg muscles, making your runs easier.

The shoe comes in a selection of bright, stylish colors that make them a great compliment to your running clothes.

Price: The shoes will run you anywhere from $55 to $150 per pair, depending on the size. Thankfully, they're cheaper than the latest Saucony Guide shoes, making them a great budget choice!


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