Satechi Aluminum USB Headphone Stand Holder

Best Christmas Gift for Organized Men

Why people love it
  • Perfect combination of form and function
  • Helps to prevent desk cable clutter
  • Sleek, elegant, and beautiful design

USB ports sometimes stop working within a few months of use.


Features: If he's the kind of man who wants to keep his workstation neat, he will love this gift!

It's a headphone holder, so he can hang up his costly work headphones and keep them from being damaged. However, it also comes with a cable organizer on the back of the arm that minimizes the risk of tangled, messy cables. The built-in USB ports allow him to connect any USB devices to his computer without having to directly plug them in—great for desktop users!

The rubberized grip on the arm will hold the headphones in place, and the rubberized bottom will ensure the stand stays put on his desk. For the organized man, it's a beautiful addition to a home office or workspace.

Price: $40 is a bit of a high price to pay for a headphone stand, but it also doubles as a USB hub and even a music player. And can you really put a price tag on his happiness at the sight of a well-organized desk?

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