It's deliciously flavored, and it goes wonderfully with pretty much any meat-based dish.

  • Blood vial shaped bottle with 800,000 Scoville units of pepper extract
  • Conceived on Friday the 13th in October 2000, during a full moon
  • This is a must-have collectible

This awesome bottle is shaped like a blood vial and contains 800,000 scoville units of pepper extract.  Yikes!  It's geat as a gift (it's already packing a whole heck of a lot of heat). Just be sure to serve sparingly.  One drop will probably do it for an entire burrito.

What Reviewers Say: 

  • So don't put this on your tongue, it burns. However, this makes a great addition to chili, salsa, and
    other sauce that need to be jacked up....in a big way. Leave it out on your counter as a conversation
    starter, but if you have deregulated beer intake, make sure nobody gets too bold with this stuff
  • I decide to go for Satan's blood but the sauce has solidified because of the cold so I take a wood barbecue stick and dips it in the bottle, bringing some sticky sauce on it and proceed to put it on my tongue. Immediately pain attacks my tongue and the back of my throat, making me caugh
  • As a hot pepper enthusiast, I rate this product as VERY HOT...but not extremely hot. Remember though, like beauty, hotness is in the eye of the beholder. Most people WOULD rate this as EXTREMELY HOT...but I've been a fan of hot foods for decades. I've grown many different peppers including but not limited to jalapeño, Cayenne, and Habañero. Plus, I use extracts like "The Source Collectors Extract"...which is rated at hell fire level 7,100,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU)!!!

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