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Sanuk Women’s Yoga Sling 2
  • As comfortable as standing on a Yoga mat
  • Soft, stretchy “straps” keep the shoes firmly in place
  • A stylish and practical pair of sandals
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Super comfortable and supportive footbed, great cushioning, stylish, strap is super stretchy and soft on your skin, will stay firmly in place all day long, great for narrower feet,  the perfect sandals for strolling around in comfort

Lacking arch support, very thin sandal


Design: These sandals are designed simply: a thin footbed with a synthetic sole that offers decent traction, and a soft fabric “strap” system that is a cross between sandal thong (between your first two toes) and a sandal (wrapping around the back of your ankle). Though the sandals are thinner than you’d expect, you’ll love how lightweight they are. You can wear them all day long and almost feel like you’re going barefoot!  

Where to Wear: At the beach, around town, or even to a club! These sandals are as stylish as they are comfortable.

Comfort: The footbed is where these sandals really shine. Made of the same material as your favorite Yoga mat, they’re super soft and offer great cushioning. Users agree that you can walk around all day in these shoes without feeling aches or pains in the bottom of your feet. However, be warned: the shoes don’t offer great arch support.

The fabric sandal “straps” are also amazingly soft and stretchy enough that you can slip your feet in and out with ease. And yet, once they’re on, you’ll never worry about your feet sliding out.

Price: At $45, these are slightly on the pricier side given how slim they are, but once you slide your feet into them, you’ll immediately find that they’re worth every penny for the incredible comfort they offer.


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