Sanuk Beer Cozy Flip-Flop

Best Flip Flops for Men Who Love Beer

Why people love it
  • Feels like walking on a Yoga mat
  • Soft, comfortable, and good grip on your feet
  • Just the right amount of sponginess and stability

Beer bottle opener built into the sole, thick, comfortable, good traction, solid rubber outsole, spongy surface, no-slip footbed, lightweight, no breaking-in period required, and good durability.

Noisy when wet.


Style: These flip flops are nice and thick, with a solid synthetic strap that runs across the top of your foot to keep your feet firmly in place. Though they get very noisy when wet, you'll find they offer good cushioning, traction, and support. The 1-inch thick heel will reduce wear on your joints, making them ideal for heavier men.

Materials: The strap is made of a durable synthetic material that is resistant to both water and wear. The material is beautifully soft on your feet, but it won't break as easily as the Reef sandals at the top of our list.

The footbed is made of the same synthetic material used for Yoga mats, giving you a soft, spongy surface that is incredibly comfortable for walking. The arch cookie in the footbed will provide your arches with extra support as you walk. Finally, with the durable rubber outsole, you'll find you have a solid shoe that keeps your feet firm, even on wet surfaces.

Durability: The shoes definitely score high in durability tests. The synthetic materials may not be as stylish as leather, but they are far more long-lasting when it comes to water and regular wear. The vegan leather strap and soft, jersey lining make them a highly comfortable, and durable, option.

Price: Starting at $16, these are a well-priced pair of flip flops you can take with you wherever you go. Aside from being comfortable and durable, they're handy-- there's a beer bottle opener (church key) built into the underside of the sandal, so you'll always be able to crack open a cold one wherever you are.

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