Best Cheap Sandals for Women

SANDALUP Women's Elastic Flat Sandals
  • Stylish at a price tag you’ll love
  • Comfortable for casual strolling
  • Well-designed, built with sturdy materials
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Beautifully low price tag, simple design, comfortable to wear, easy to slip on, hug your feet tightly, durable elastic textile and rubber sole, comfortable for walking around town, super lightweight

Not suited for wet use, minimal support and cushioning


Design: These sandals are designed for walking, with elastic straps and a thong-style that sits comfortably on your feet. The elastic fabric has enough stretch to make it easy to slip the sandals on and off, but the fabric will hold its tightness so you won’t have to worry about them sliding off. They’re feather-light, with good durability and a design that will keep you comfortable as you walk around your house, the office, the mall, or department store.

Where to Wear: Anywhere that’s not wet! The leather of these shoes won’t respond well to water, so keep them away from rain, rivers, beaches, and pools.

Comfort: The shoes are amazingly light, so you’ll never feel their weight as you walk around town. The elastic straps are nicely soft on your feet, and the rubber sole will provide a solid platform. Sadly, they’re lacking in cushioning and arch support, so you shouldn’t use them for more than a few hours at a time.

Price: Starting as low as $17, these are some of the best priced sandals for women. They’re stylish, comfortable, and reliable—all at a price tag you can love.


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