Samsung WF56H9100AG Front-Load Washer

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  • Large capacity
  • Wonderfully quiet
  • Good-looking machine

While the price has come down, the size has not; it’s massive and it may not fit in everyone's home.


If you firmly believe that bigger is better and your laundry room is the size of a bedroom, this is the machine you want. If you have a smaller space to work with, you'll want to consider the dimensions of this washing machine before getting too excited about this washing machine. It’s huge. The dimensions of this front loader washing machine are 30”W x 32.5”D x 42.625”H. You’ll need 5' across to put this side-by-side with a dryer. And if you want to stack your appliances, you’ll quickly realize that 7' is really, really tall.

Okay, once you’ve gotten over the size of this baby, the details are really what matter.

Firstly, you can fit 28 pounds of dirty laundry inside the 5.6 cu. ft. of this washing machine. Keep in mind that the average size load is +/-8 pounds. You should be able to fit a soccer team’s worth of clothing inside and still have room for more.

And, yet, it does an impeccable job of getting clothes clean. Washing large loads is aided by PowerFoam technology. The SuperSpeed option will take about 15 or 20 minutes off of load time – and you’ll probably end up doing so for most loads as there doesn’t seem to be a discernible difference in the cleaning ability. The normal cycle is already rather swift at about 45 minutes and the average time is about 65 minutes.

This Samsung uses less water and less energy than most machines and still operates with a high rpm speed. But the best feature, as the folks at Good Housekeeping are quick to point out, is the Self Clean+ option. Using steam, to reduce mold and mildew, you won’t have to spend a lot of time on cleaning the appliance itself.  

And, in case you’re wondering, front loading washing machines were not part of Samsung’s November 2016 recall, so you don’t need to worry about the door flying off its hinges. You should, however, use low-sudsing detergent, as recommended by the manufacturer.

Load access: Stackable front loader with tumble action

Color: Onyx

Display and controls: Electronic display with a dial and option buttons

Wash cycles: 6: permanent press, whites, heavy duty, normal, rinse & spin, wool

Number of water temperatures: Automatic temperature control

Dispensers: 5: detergent, prewash, fabric softener, bleach, oxygenated additive. This is the highest number of dispensers. And, while you may not need them all, some of the fancy ones are really nice to have.

Maximum spin speed: 1300 rpm – this is the highest rpm speed on the list. Once again, you may not need it, but it will definitely speed up drying.

Kilowatt hours (per year): 100 – this is exceptional. It’s not the absolute best but this is definitely the range you want to be in – if you can afford it.

Dimensions: 30”W x 32.5”D x 42.625”H. It weighs 267 pounds – this is one of the heaviest machines. Don’t attempt to set this up without some assistance.

Interior capacity: 5.6 cu. ft – this is definitely one of the biggest capacities you can get – and certainly the largest on this list. You can throw a whole lot at this baby. Not everyone needs it, but if you have a lot of laundry to get through, you’ll appreciate it.

Price: You’ll get a 1-year limited warranty built into the price of this Samsung washing machine – and extras are up to you. Fortunately, you shouldn’t have to pay the $1,700 MSRP. $1,100 to $1,200 is more reasonable and what you’ll normally find.

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