Samsung WaterWall 24" Built-In Dishwasher

Best Stainless Steel Dishwasher

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Why people love it
  • Highly durable stainless steel exterior; quiet operation
  • Racks are adjustable and removable as desired
  • Great for getting rid of stubborn food stains and crusts


Prone to breakage, and does not feature a heated drying cycle.


Performance: If you're looking for a dishwasher guaranteed to get your dishes clean, this is the one you want. The "WaterWall" design means the wash cycle sends a wall of water shooting at the dishes, deluging them and getting rid of food particles. It doesn't matter how many days those dishes have been sitting in the dishwasher—the sweeping wall of water will get the job done.

The machine is energy-efficient with multiple certifications (NSF, Energy Star, etc.), and you'll find that it does a great job at getting the dishes clean. However, without a heated drying cycle, your dishes come out wet and in need of manual drying.

Note: Some users have commented that the drying is prone to breakage. ConsumerReports agrees that Samsung is the most issue-laden brand.

Features: The WaterWall linear wash system sends a sweeping wall of water to clean the dishes, but you have control over where you want to focus the wash. You can choose left or right side of the dishwasher, or set a custom wash zone to ensure everything gets clean. Put those pots and pans into the machine and they'll come out sparkling clean.

The controls are easy to use, and they will help you minimize energy and water waste while still getting your dishes very clean. The digital leakage sensor will shut off the dishwasher in case of leaks.

Price: $899.99 is a pretty good price to pay for this dishwasher. It may have a couple of flaws in the design, but it's the stainless steel dishwasher you want when you have VERY dirty dishes.

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