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  • 60x more powerful than the average vacuum
  • Easily moves between carpets and hard floors
  • Sensors determine the optimal cleaning path 

Cleaning your floors can be a chore, especially if you want it done right. But, this robotic vacuum may be just what you need to do it as easily as you can. It's super powerful; in fact it's 60x stronger than your average vacuum. The strong centrifugal forces separate dirt and debris into an outer chamber. This keeps the vacuum at maximum suction during its run. The Samsung VR9000 has wheels that allow it to pass over obstacles which trip other robotic vacuums.

Not only do the sensors help to plot the best course (no more blindly bumping into all your furniture), but you can also point the remote at an area that needs a spot clean and this baby will be on in quickly. That's impressive.

What Reviewers Say:

Not everyone can afford this vacuum. Those that can tend to love it. Here's what they have to say:

  • The Samsung VR9000 Powerbot is the perfect for my needs. I have two Siberian Huskies, one with a particularly woolly coat, and trying to keep up with the sweeping and vacuuming can be time consuming. I wanted something I could use between times to keep the tumbleweeds of puppy fur from collecting in my home and this robotic vacuum fits my needs perfectly. It has just enough suction without making too much noise to leave it roaming my rooms, collecting the fur along its path. So far I've only used the "auto" setting and it worked all the way around the bedroom, even under the bed, perfectly. And I really needed something to help me with under the bed because it's hard to get down there! And I love that the dogs are not the least bit distressed by it. Best of all, it knows when it needs to be recharged and returned to the docking station so I won't have to worry about its getting stuck under my bed. The only way I could be happier is if my dogs could figure out how to pick up after themselves altogether but since I don't think that will ever happen, I'm glad I've found something so useful.
  • What really impressed me was the essence of the product: a vacuum. It vacuums very well. It cleans a 4 room area with tile and carpet in under an hour (I didn’t time it) and it gets up everything. While some of the features are more advanced than a Roomba, this is where it separated itself and made me prefer the VR9000 over my Roomba. The Roomba does a nice job, but the VR9000 just did better.
  • First, the suction of this vacuum is wonderful. I have two cats and a medium/long haired Border Collie/Labrador mixed dog, and this vacuum picks up the pet hair (and cat litter) easily. My house has wood laminate floors with rugs of varied carpet lengths here and there, and the Samsung transitions from one type of floor to another without any problems.

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