Why people love it
  • Offers the best-quality 720p HD video camera
  • Large screen gives you a clear picture of your child's room
  • Excellent night vision; brightness can be adjusted to accommodate night lights

Sound quality suffers slightly, as this unit has a problem with echo.



This video baby monitor comes with a 720p video camera that streams HD-quality images to your extra-large 5" LCD touchscreen parent unit. Its range is well above average at 900 feet, connected via Wi-Fi rather than radio frequency. The adjustable brightness of the night vision/IR feature allows you to see your little one, no matter how dark the room. The camera can tilt, pan, and zoom, but the naturally wide angle lens makes it easy to see all the surroundings.


The "Voice Activated Mode" will allow you to save battery life, but it will turn on the camera the moment your child makes a sound. The sensitivity levels on the device can even be adjusted to only activate when it detects sounds or movement. It's USB-charged, and the battery life lasts for up to 5 hours on VOX mode - and even longer on audio-only mode. Best of all, it can be expanded to add up to 3 additional cameras, allowing you to keep an eye on multiple rooms from the same LCD screen.


Not surprisingly, this high-quality product has a high price tag to match: $260. Despite the cost, it's a worthwhile investment, considering its reliability, above-par video camera, and versatility. 

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