Why people love it
  • Innovative features
  • Easy to use - automatic
  • 10x more suction than competitors

If looks, branding, and control are your main concern, then go for Samsung’s SR2AJ9040U POWERbot. Everyone agrees in their reviews – not only does it perform better than competitors, it has other outstanding features such as sleek design, CycloneForce design, and EasyPass wheels. It's simply the best. 

With not a single one star review on Amazon, the only complaints about this vac are that it's a bit loud and doesn't work great on carpet.


Performance: The automatic SR2AJ9040U POWERbot far exceeds its competitors, especially in the areas of sensors, suction, and smart technology. The visionary mapping system creates an optimal cleaning path, avoiding obstacles, so that your vac won't get stuck on furniture or objects on the floor. When it comes to suction, the powerful robotic suction delivers optimal cleaning results with 10x more suction power than competitors. Finally, with wifi connectivity you can remotely control your robot vacuum with your smartphone. The SR2AJ9040U POWERbot from Samsung really has it all.

Cost: Although this robotic vacuum is pretty expensive at $653, that's to be expected for a quality robot vacuum. Plus, with all of the vac's unique features, we think this product is well worth the price. 

Terrain Handling: The SR2AJ9040U POWERbot cleaner contains an onboard digital camera, allowing the bot to map multiple floors, avoid obstacles, and handle all levels of terrain. Plus, the EasyPass wheels are designed to move smoothly over obstacles.

Battery Life: Compared to its competitors, SR2AJ9040U POWERbot's battery lasts almost twice as a long. The rechargeable battery lasts exactly 70 minutes, plenty of time to get through an entire house.

Maintenance: Very low maintenance - reviewers report that this vac is super easy to empty and clean.


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