Samsung Galaxy SM-T713NZKEXAR Tab S2 8.0, 32GB

Best Gift for Watching Movies on the Go

Why people love it
  • Beautiful, high-resolution display
  • Perfect for watching movies on the go
  • Great battery life to watch multiple movies at a stretch

This high-performing tablet happens to be Consumer Reports’ top pick for best tablet overall. And when it comes to men who love watching movies but are always on the go, this responsive, long-lasting tablet is perfect.

The most common complaint on this tablet is the possibility of it failing within months of purchase. Be sure you get a warranty on this if you’re nervous about that happening.


Longevity: So long as you don’t get a bad apple, your movie-loving gift recipient should be able to use this for years to come.

Meaningfulness: For people stuck with long commutes to work, regular job-related travel, or who are lucky enough to take lots of vacations, they’ll appreciate this tablet that allows them to take their movie-watching on the go.

Price: For the fast responsiveness, the gorgeous high-resolution display, and the convenience, this purchase is worth it for the habitual traveler.

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