This Samsung front loader has a relatively large 4.5 cubic foot tub (and by relatively, we do mean as compared to washers in general, not necessarily the new huge models).  It also features VRT Plus™ which is the short way of saying that this machine doesn't shake like crazy.  That means it's quiet - no matter what you put in it.  But the main reason this particular washer scores an A+ is the number of features that it has.


To begin with, this machine is 39" high without the optional pedestal drawer (which is bonus storage no matter how you dice it).  It's 27" wide and 34" with the door closed.  And, you can stack it (though you will likley lose out on that storage space if you do).

When it comes to washing cycles, this machine really starts to change the way you think about your laundry.  This Samsung front-loading washer includes 15 preset wash cycles, but has 21 total including its specialty cycles.  You can opt for bedding or active kids and the machine's computer will do the rest of the work.  And then there are plenty of options.  If you're not a gadget guy (or totally into doing the laundry), you may be a little lost at first.  Fortunately, you can three favorites under My Cycles, and that's pretty cool as far as washing machines go.  

And, for the size of this machine - and the features that it has - you may just be surprised at how energy efficient it is.  It's ENERGY STAR certified and even if you're using electricity to heat your water, this machine should only cost you about $10 annually to operate.  That's impressive compared to the other larger sized washing machines.  

This Samsung-created machine features an 8" LCD control panel.  But, you may not even use it.  That's because this washer will work from your Smartphone via Bluetooth.  Not only can you set the machine this way, but you can also expect the app to tell you when the washing is done, or how long it has left.  There's also a child lock, delayed start, NSF certification on the removal of bacteria and an add a garment option.  All this and there is a warranty too.  You'll get 1 year on parts and labor, 2 years on the control board, 3 years on the stainless steel tub and 10 years on the motor.

The only drawback might be the price, but you get a lot more for the few hundred extra that this machine costs.  (And don't worry, Sears won't make you pay for shipping!)


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