Best Christmas Gift for Android Owners

Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand
  • Beautifully compact stand; doesn't take up too much space
  • Great quality and durable design
  • Perfect for when you need a quick charge
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Charges any Samsung phone wirelessly; supports Qi-enabled phones; fast-charge feature for newer smartphones; and is both compact and user-friendly.

LED is VERY bright at night.


Details: For the guy who loves his Android smartphone, this is a gift he'll for sure love! After all, it can charge his phone without the need for him to mess with cables or cords—could it get any more convenient?

The charging stand connects wirelessly to his phone for quick charging, and he'll never have to plug it into the USB charger again. For newer Android models, the Fast Charge feature gives him a full charge at a much higher speed. It's designed for Samsung phones, but it can be used for just about any phone that is Qi-enabled.

Price: Paying $41 for a charger may seem like a lot, but remember that he'll be using it every day. It makes a perfect gift for the home and office!


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