Samsung DV42H5000EW

Best Budget Dryer

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Why people love it

  • Awesome features and settings
  • Easy operation; it works super well 
  • Quiet and fast! 

For a budget machine, the performance is superb. More than that, the settings are easy to deal with, and the noise levels are way better than most budget machines.

When stacking, the unit’s controls are too tall to reach. Plus, the link filter requires a catch system which can be irritating. 


If you want value for money, you’ve just found it. This Samsung dryer has a fantastic, if limited, range of features. It excels at what it’s meant to do – it dries clothes wonderfully well. And also though it doesn’t feature a huge capacity, the 7.5 cu. ft. drum still handles plenty of laundry.

Better still, the drying speeds beat those in comparative models – hands down. Of course, that’s at the sacrifice of your electricity bill. This is the worst performing dryer on this list as far as ecological friendliness goes.

The anti-wrinkle feature is a plus. But, as much as Samsung claims this is a stackable unit, the angled facing of the controls and the height of the stacked appliances makes it difficult to manage without a step stool. For the price you may not mind, but you may not need to stack as it fits within the traditional standard dimensions.

  • Dryer type: Electric dryer 
  • Color: White 
  • Capacity: 7.5 cu. ft. 
  • Display and controls: Electronic readout with a large dial and easily identifiable buttons on the front facing.  
  • Programs: 5: Permanent Press Dry Cycle, Normal Dry Cycle, Delicate Dry Cycle, Anti-Bacterial/Sanitize Cycle, Heavy Duty Dry Cycle 
  • Dryness levels: 4. This is low-average, as are the temperatures. But, many people don’t need more.  
  • Temperatures: 4: High, Medium, Low, Extra Low 
  • Drum material: Stainless steel 
  • Reversible door: Yes 
  • Includes drying rack: No 
  • Stackable: Yes, but be careful 
  • ENERGY Star compliant: No 
  • DOE Energy Factor (lb/kWh): 644 lb/kWh 
  • Energy Consumption: 3.73 kWh/yr 
  • Dimensions: The dimensions are 27”W x 32.375”D x 38.75”H. And it weighs 126 pounds 
  • Price: It costs about $800, but you’ll occasionally find it for less.  

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