Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX

Best Hiking Boots Overall

Why people love it
  • Incredibly durable, tough, and supportive
  • Not too heavy; designed for your comfort
  • Excellent traction, good waterproofing, stylish, and protective

Made with durable leather upper, great lacing system, solid sole, supportive, medium weight, no blisters, minimal break-in time, great stability and ankle support, good-looking, great for heavier hikers, and easy to slip on/take off.

Reviewers report that the seams wear out quickly; and the laces tend to come loose.


Performance: If you're looking for a pair of hiking boots that can "go the distance", this is the pair you want! You'll find few boots can match the durability of these bad boys. Users have reported hiking for thousands of miles without discomfort, and we at Faveable can personally attest to the extreme comfort of these boots—no blisters even after hours of hiking.


There's almost no need to break in the boots, so you can start hiking with them right out of the box. The boots are also beautifully stylish, with a design that's easy to slip on and off without struggling. The leather upper is durable and long-lasting, though the seams tend to wear out quickly. But few boots are more comfortable than these bad boys. Best of all, they're heavy enough to handle regular hardcore hiking without being so heavy they weigh you down.

Features: This is the best pair of all-around hiking boots we could find, thanks to their medium weight, excellent foot and ankle support, comfort, and durability. The leather uppers are highly resistant to wear, and you'll love the Gore-Tex waterproofing that protects your feet from getting wet as you hike.


The synthetic sole gives you excellent traction, with a deep tread that is perfect for descending dusty hills or scrambling over rocks. The solid ankle clasp will reduce sprains or strains, and the lacing system keeps the boots firmly gripped to your feet. (Note: Some users have complained the laces come loose to easily—a problem we can attest to as well. Expect to re-tie your laces up to three times on a 4-hour hike.)

Price: The price of these boots changes according to the size. For the average American (shoe size: 10.5), the cost is $128—an incredible price considering you won't need to replace the hiking boots for years to come. Definitely worth it!


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