Why people love it
  • Incredibly thin; ideal for those who want "bare" sensations
  • Durable and resistance to breakage
  • Grips tight; unlikely to slip or slide off

Challenging to put on, potentially too tight.


Hate the feel of condoms? Try the thinnest condoms in the world. Curious about the specs? Check this out: Length: 170±10mm, Nominal width: 36±2mm (110mm circumference); Thickness: The No.1 thinnest condom in the world. It is measured at only 0.01 millimeters (mm) thick. And the best part? These babies are completely safe.

Performance: This is the condom you'll forget you're wearing! It's so thin and light that it feels like there's nothing there at all. And yet, it's incredibly durable at the same time. You're more likely to bust a Trojan or Lifestyles condom than one of these. It's built with the same high standard of quality you've come to expect from Japanese products.

However, there is a downside: it's a bit small. It's built for the smaller Japanese men, so Westerners may have a hard time putting it on. And once it's on, the ring at the base will likely feel a bit tight and may reduce blood flow. Just be warned. 

Features: The only feature worth noting on this bad boy is its unbelievable thinness. At just 0.01 millimeters thick, it's the thinnest condom ON THE PLANET! It's 1/6 the thickness of a strand of human hair. Slip it on, and you'll feel nothing but the pleasurable sensations. It's the perfect combination of "bare" sensations and maximum protection.

Price: This is one of the priciest condoms around. You're paying close to $20 for a 5-pack. However, considering how amazingly thin it is, it's good to have one or two of these handy at all times. It's not your best choice for an everyday condom, but it's great for when you really want to enjoy yourself!

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