RYKA Women's Hydro Sport

Most Versatile Women's Water Shoes

Why people love it
  • Built for active outdoor use; athletic design
  • Comfortable, with good support and stability
  • Good drainage; speeds up drying time

Traction and durability is iffy and these shoes do not offer the best ventilation.


Performance: For women that plan to do it all—hiking, walking or running on the beach, rock climbing, strolling around town, etc.—these are the shoes for you. They offer a thicker sole than your average water shoes, with good cushioning and support that will reduce joint fatigue. They're very stable even on rough terrain, and you'll find they are one of the best shoes for an active day.

Sadly, they're not the most durable, made from flimsy-feeling material and with a lacing system that is prone to breaking. However, you'll find they'll serve you well while they last, and they'll enable you to run, hike, and walk in style.

Design: If you want water shoes that can keep up with an active vacation or lifestyle, you'll love these. They're built like regular running shoes, but with drainage holes in the side that allow water to drain out. Their full coverage design may make them a bit too hot in tropical climates, but they offer maximum protection for your feet.

The sole is thick and offers good cushioning, though the tread could be a bit better. However, the upper is made of a synthetic material that dries quickly, and the mesh is resistant to chlorine (from the pool/water park) and salt water damage.

Price: Starting at $40, these are very well-priced water shoes. They're versatile enough to be used for running, walking, hiking, and strolling, making them worth every penny!

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