RYKA Hydro Sport Water Shoe

Best Cross Training Shoes for Water Sports

Why people love it

• An amazing water shoe; great for running in the rain or on the beach

• Quick-drying design with excellent drainage

• Lightweight, supportive, and comfortable



Laces come loose when wet, and she features a narrow toe box.


Performance: If you like to run in the rain or on the beach, these are the shoes for you. The water shoes are designed to be comfortable and supportive even when wet. The traction actually improves on wet roads, and you'll find the stability of the shoes is excellent for running in soft sand.

The shoes are lightweight but offer decent durability. They're a lot more comfortable than you'd expect from such a minimalist design. The thick cushioning built into the heel reduces impact on your joints, making them a great shoe to use even if you run long distances in the rain.

Features: The shoes are designed to be used in wet conditions, meaning they have a synthetic upper and insole that can handle a lot of wear and tear. The breathable mesh allows for good air flow, encouraging the shoe to dry quickly. The draining ports in the outsole and midsole ensure the water drains away easily. They can be worn with or without socks, but they won't cause blisters to form.

The lacing system is easy to tighten, though you may find that the laces come loose if they are wet. Whether you do water aerobics, beach running, or running in the rain, these shoes are a versatile option that can handle all water sports.

Price: You can expect to pay around $60 for these shoes, though it's possible to find them for as little as $22 (in smaller sizes). Definitely a worthwhile pair of running/training shoes to have if you train in the rain!


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