Russell Performance Baseline Short

Best Cheap Athletic Shorts

Why people love it
  • A decent pair of shorts at a rock-bottom price
  • Breathable, comfortable, and versatile
  • Look good for a long time; no wear and tear after heavy use

Cheapest shorts on the market, comfortable, decent length, loose fit,  nice material, excellent ventilation, stylish, and lightweight.

Blend of fabric changes according to color and sized extra large.


Material: The shorts are a blend of cotton and synthetic materials, though the blend changes according to the color. For example, the Graphite/Black Heather color shorts are 50% Polyester and 50% Cotton, while the Oxford-style shorts are 47% Cotton and 53% Polyester. Some colors even come in 100% cotton. Not the most durable material, but lightweight and comfortable!

Fit, Length, and Features: Many reviewers have complained that the sizes run extra large, so make sure to buy a pair of shorts of your size or even one size smaller. The fit is loose and roomy, with just enough baggy to make them versatile. With the 8" inseam, they end just above the knees—perfect for most athletic activities.

The shorts are designed to be quick-drying (courtesy of the polyester mixed in with the cotton), and you'll find they're fairly odor-resistant as well. Thanks to the elastic waistband and drawstring, you'll be able to cinch them tightly around your waist for more active use. The two side pockets provide storage space for your phone, keys, or cards/IDs.

Quality: Cotton is a lightweight and super comfortable material, but not the most durable. These are almost better for loungewear than athletic wear, though they are good for walking or low-intensity, low-activity training.

Price: Starting as low as just $9 per pair, these shorts are the cheapest you'll find anywhere! Though not the most long-lasting shorts, they're comfortable, versatile, and a great fit. Definitely worth paying rock-bottom prices for.

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