Why people love it
  • A comfortable, lightweight long-sleeved shirt
  • Look your best while training or lounging around the house
  • The perfect mix of athletic and leisure wear

Super lightweight, good warmth, soft to the touch, durable crew neck stitching, stylish, great for active and casual wear, machine washable, and odor-resistant.

Not the best at moisture-wicking; doesn't dry as quickly as other shirts.


Style: This long-sleeved shirt is made with comfort and versatility in mind, so it has a relaxed fit that gives you great freedom of movement. The ribbed collar is resistant to sagging and damage, and the seamed cuffs grip your arms tightly when you roll up the shirt. The double-needle hemmed bottom is the final addition of durability that makes this a long-lasting shirt.

The shirt can be worn as a base or top layer, though it's better worn over a shirt that offers the quick-drying, moisture-wicking properties you need. Thankfully, it's easy to wash in the machine and won't shrink with regular washing.

Material: This shirt is made of 50% cotton, which makes it lightweight and beautifully soft to the touch. However, the addition of 50% polyester also ensures that it can be used for athletic activity. Though it doesn't have the moisture-wicking, quick-drying properties of other shirts on our list, it's light and breathable enough to be comfortable for most activities.

The shirt even comes with UPF 40 protection, keeping your skin safe from solar radiation as you run.

Price: Starting at $14, this is one of the best-priced shirts on our list. While it's not built for maximum competition like some of the other options, it's one of the most comfortable choices on our list.

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