Why people love it
  • Will make your face smoother and eliminate acne
  • Has a mild manly scent so you don't have to worry about smelling like your girlfriend
  • No harsh chemicals


It is specially developed with natural ingredients and can be used in the morning or at night, without affecting your skin moisture. Also, it's all natural and vegan-friendly.

Difficult to rinse the exfoliating beads out of beards. 


Who's it for? This face wash is essential for any guy's shower. It's ideal for all ages and skin types, including those with normal skin, sensitive, or acne prone complexions. 

Texture and fragrance: This is one of the best men's face washes around, which is why we chose it as our best overall. The consistency has the perfect amount of foaming action mixed with a grit-like texture that helps with exfoliating. In fact, the thing men loved the most about this product is the exfoliating beads. Yes, you will find small beads mixed into this cleanser. But no matter how strange that might sound, your skin will be left with a smooth and polished appearance that we promise you'll love.

The Rugged and Dapper face wash wouldn't be so rugged if it had an overly powering fragrance now would it? Instead, this product has a mild manly smell that most dudes can hardly detect.  

Ingredients: All of the ingredients found in this face wash are 100% natural and organic. Active ingredients include Aloe Vera, Vitamin C, Willow Bark, and Burdock Root. Another ingredient found on the list is Tea Tree Oil. You won't find any parabens, harmful chemicals, or toxins. Also, Rugged and Dapper's products are not tested on animals, and that feels good too, doesn’t it?

Price: At $25 per bottle, it's a reasonably priced face wash. If for some reason you don't like it, you have nothing to lose. Rugged and Dapper offers a 100% satisfaction and effectiveness guarantee. So if you've been searching for the right face wash for your skin - consider your journey over. 

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