Royal Lush Oversized Wine Glass

Best Christmas Gift for Wine Lovers

Why people love it
  • A clever gift for wine lovers
  • Holds an entire (full-size, 750 ml) bottle
  • Good quality product for a terrific price

Unwieldy to use for a full bottle.


Details: If he's a wine drinker, this is the funny gift he'll love! This beautiful mouth-blown glass can hold an entire bottle of wine. The mouth-blown glass holds a classic Bordeaux wine glass shape. Though it's a bit too heavy and large to actually drink a bottle all at once, he'll certainly love just how large the glass really is.

The glass is dishwasher safe, though it's easier just to wash it by hand. Even if he only uses it once or twice, it makes a great decorative centerpiece to hold sweets, candies, corks, or even floating candles. 

Price: At $13 for one full bottle-sized glass, it's a funny gift that he will definitely love. It's funny, a great conversation starter, and handy as a decorative item.

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