Best Christmas Gift for Whiskey Lovers

Quiseen Set of 9 Grey Beverage Chilling Stones
  • No mess, EVER!
  • Keeps drinks chill without watering down the liquor
  • Perfect for Scotch, vodka, rum, and other hard liquors

Good quality stones, chill drinks without watering them down, easily stored in freezer, reusable, made from natural soapstone, and suitable for any cocktail or beverage.

Doesn't make the drink ICE cold.


Why They'll Love It: For your Scotch-loving father in law, this is the gift of choice! Quiseen chilling stones bring drinks to the perfect drinking temperature every time. Ice cubes eventually dilute drinks, diminishing the unique characteristics of any liquor such as fragrance and taste. Unlike ordinary ice cubes, these chilling stones won't water drinks down, and they stay cooler longer. They allow your father-in-law to enjoy the perfect drink, at the perfect temperature, every time.

Price: At $9, this is a very well-priced gift! It won't make drinks icy cold like proper ice, but it will keep a good Scotch or whiskey chilled enough for your father-in-law to enjoy.


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