Why people love it
  • A pair of headphones that will stay firmly in place
  • Light, comfortable, perfect for runners and athletes
  • Wraparound design keeps them securely in ears

Sweatproof, good noise isolation, quality sound, lightweight, comfortable, inexpensive, compatible with small and average-sized ears, customizable fit, hook around your ear, solid bass, and no risk of falling out.

No built-in controls and the cord is prone to damage.


Design: These headphones are designed in the classic sport earbud style: a hook that wraps around behind your ear and holds the tip in your ear canal as you run. The hooks will ensure the headphones stay securely in place as you run, play sports, or lift weights, making them an athlete’s best friend. They are corded, so there’s no need to worry about battery life, though you will have to tuck them out of the way when running or training. However, if you want a pair of headphones that will stay put through any workout, this product is a great option.

Performance: In terms of audio quality, you’ll be surprised by how rich, crisp, and clear the sounds from these headphones. We’re not talking top of the line, but considering the price tag, you’ll find few pairs of sport headphones that can compete. The headphones deliver good noise isolation, a secure fit, and clear, dynamic sound that makes listening to any movie, TV show, audiobook, or music playlist a joy.

Features: These headphones don’t have a built-in music control, but do have a microphone and an answer/hang-up button to make answering calls easy. The 4 sets of accompanying ear tips will make it easy for you to customize the fit so you’re always comfortable when running or training.

Price: At $15, this pair of active headphones just can’t be beat. Though some users complain the cord is damaged a bit too easily, they’re fully waterproof and sweatproof, so you won’t have to worry about their being destroyed by rain or perspiration. At this price point, they’re as good as you could ask for!

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