Best Gadget to Store Skis and Snowboards

Rough Rack Ski and Snowboard Rack
  • A simple, yet sturdy rack
  • Easy to mount and use
  • Awesome garage space saver

A heavy duty ski and snowboard rack that holds up to 8 boards. 

Must be mounted to studs. 


Performance: Tired of looking at all of the skis and snowboards on your garage floor? We've got the solution for you. The Rough Rack was designed to be the ultimate space saver. The good news is it's easy to mount, with three large screws that are to be screwed directly into studs. As a bonus, the Rough Rack is sturdy enough to hold over 100 pounds. This baby is so strong you can do pull-ups from it. We're not even kidding. What makes it so heavy duty? It's made of welded powder coated steel that's designed to hold up just about anything. If you want a ski and snowboard rack that can keep up with your active lifestyle, this is the one you want.

Features: Not a lot of features built into this rack, but who cares? This simple industrial-looking rack gets the job done. And, looks good while doing it. The Rough Rack is 34-inches in length with a 45-inch hanging space. It's everything you need to store your winter gear! 

Price: At $70, this is a pretty well-priced storage rack. It's able to hold up to 100 pounds of equipment, delivers quality, and is compatible with most types of skis and boards. Definitely a worthy purchase for your home! 


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