Beautiful Rose Tattoo Designs for Women

Beautiful Rose Tattoo Designs for Women

Rose tattoo designs are so versatile. They can signify the strength of a woman while also highlighting our femininity. Rose tattoos are also timeless so you never have to worry about your design being out of style. Take a look at our top picks!

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40. Rose Tattoo Under the Chin

Rose Tattoo Under the Chin Source

This is a very unexpected area to put a tattoo, but a rose design can work well especially if it outlines your chin. This will look beautiful in black compared to having colors.

39. Rose with Butterflies Tattoo

Rose with Butterflies Tattoo Source

Why not combine two classic designs in one tattoo? A subdued version of this is having one rose stem and a butterfly hovering near it. 

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38. Cute Cartoon Rose Tattoo

Cute Cartoon Rose Tattoo Source

This is definitely a modern and artistic take on a rose tattoo. Your rose tattoo has its very own cartoon IG filter

37. Pink Rose Tattoo

Pink Rose Tattoo Source

This is the dainty version of a rose tattoo. This will look so cool on women with lighter skin tones as it will look like the tattoo is one with your skin.

36. Realistic Red Rose Tattoo

Realistic Red Rose Tattoo Source

If you want to capture the essence of a rose, then go for a realistic approach to your tattoo. The colors should be vibrant to make it stand out.

35. Single Rose Tattoo

Single Rose Tattoo Source

If you want to add a twist to a single rose tattoo, you can also put a solid background behind it. Doing so focuses the eye on the rose.

34. Rose Tattoo Behind the Ear

Rose Tattoo Behind the Ear Source

Even if this tattoo placement is no longer that trendy as it was before, we can’t deny that it still looks chic. Perfect for women who love to put their hair up.

33. Rose and Clock Tattoo

Rose and Clock Tattoo Source

This design works as both the rose and the clock have faces. When you choose a vintage-looking clock design, it looks good beside a rose.

32. Rose and Snake Tattoo

Rose and Snake Tattoo Source

This rose tattoo design is like the rose and sword tattoo where you are playing up the contrast between the two objects. You can have the snake crawling up the rose.

31. Rose Tattoo on the Ear

Rose Tattoo on the Ear Source

Tattoos that are hiding behind the ear are so last year. The trendy version of this tattoo placement is having a colorful tattoo frame the front of the ear, kind of like an ear cuff.

30. Red, Blue, and Yellow Rose Tattoos

Red, Blue, and Yellow Rose Tattoos Source

We were taught in kindergarten that the primary colors; red, yellow, and blue are the holy trinity of colors. This is why using this color palette is smart because you also capture other tones even though the color is not present on the design. 

29. Rose Growing on a Cup of Coffee

Rose Growing on a Cup of Coffee Source

This usually means “comfortable and cozy with your own beauty.” The cozy and comfy part coming from the coffee? We are still not sure, but one cannot deny that this design looks cute.

28. Glow in the Dark Rose Tattoo

Glow in the Dark Rose Tattoo Source

Glow from within, anyone? Well, this rose tattoo design is a different type of glow. Go for a color that looks good when illuminated like red, blue, orange, or purple. 

27. Rose Tattoo on Finger

Rose Tattoo on Finger Source

Whether you choose to put the tattoo on the top, bottom, or sides, the shape of a single rose looks so natural and effortless on any finger. You can add color to the petals and leave the rest black.

26. Red and Purple Rose Tattoo

Red and Purple Rose Tattoo Source

Red and purple go so well together. The fiery tones of red balance with the cool tones of purple. Consider this color matching when you are planning to get two rose tattoos.

25. Rose Vine Tattoo

Rose Vine Tattoo Source

Rose vines do not need to be an in your face tattoo. Instead, you can make it look subtle. This design makes your tattoo look like those roses on priceless bone china teacups. Beautiful!

24. Delicate Red Rose Tattoo

Delicate Red Rose Tattoo Source

To get the full effect of a rose tattoo, you can choose to enhance the drama by leaving one part with color. If you also opt for delicate lines, your tattoo looks as if it was drawn with a pencil.

23. Yellow Rose Tattoo

Yellow Rose Tattoo Source

A yellow rose symbolizes friendship and care. If you have yellow undertones, add a tinge of orange or red to create an illusion of depth, making the tattoo pop.

22. Gothic Rose Tattoo

Gothic Rose Tattoo Source

Rose tattoo designs can also be a symbol of mystery, gloom, and all things occult. When drawn in bold and strong ink, the lines within the rose design still manage to look so refined.

21. Colored Outline Rose Tattoo

Colored Outline Rose Tattoo Source

The rose tattoo design is so forgiving that it will still make sense if you go for a colored outline. The color story is still complete even without being filled in. Pick a bold color to make it stand out.

20. Rose Tattoo on the Lower Leg

Rose Tattoo on the Lower Leg Source

Just like with the rose tattoo on the wrist, a single rose tattoo design looks natural on your lower leg. This time, it looks better if it is a bigger and more detailed design. It still looks elegant albeit big.

19. Rose Tattoo on the Wrist

Rose Tattoo on the Wrist Source

A modern minimalist tattoo on the wrist is ideal for women who want a tattoo at a subtle yet noticeable area. It is like your own little “peek-a-boo tattoo.” The single rose design will also work well with the natural lines of your wrist. 

18. Rose and Sword Tattoo

Rose and Sword Tattoo Source

What is unique about a rose design is that you can add anything to it and it will still work—even something that directly contrasts it, like a sword. It is usually interpreted as “grace under duress.”

17. Rose Tattoo with Human Face

Rose Tattoo with Human Face Source

If you want people to take a double-take on your rose tattoo design, why not add a human face? This will add a twist to a classic and will push the design even bordering on getting that Victorian or hyperrealism vibe.

16. Rose Tattoo on the Shoulder

Rose Tattoo on the Shoulder Source

If you choose to have a rose bush design that is on the shoulder and extends to some parts of your chest, the tattoo emphasizes your neck and face. It goes well with a tank or crop top. 

15. Matching Rose Tattoo

Matching Rose Tattoo Source

A no-brainer tattoo design that you can get with your best friend is, of course, a rose. It symbolizes friendly love, one that grew into a beautiful thing and will still keep on blooming. Awww.

14. Side Boob Rose Tattoo

Side Boob Rose Tattoo Source

May it be a small tattoo or a large tattoo, we can all agree here that a rose side boob tattoo will look sexy on anybody.

13. Rose Tattoo on the Chest

Rose Tattoo on the Chest Source

A lot of women used to place a rose tattoo at the center of their chests. The trend now is to ink the natural curve of the breast and fade the design out to the chest. Needless to say, the effect is mesmerizing. 

12. Rose Bush Tattoo on the Upper Arm

Rose Bush Tattoo on the Upper Arm Source

If you want to depict real-life on your body art then you should go all in! Make sure that the sizes of each aspect of the design are proportional so that it will not look too busy on the eyes. 

11. Rose with Thorns Tattoo

Rose with Thorns Tattoo Source

This is another take to the classic rose tattoo. This time, the emphasis is on the fact that roses have thorns. You are a woman who is sweet yet spicy, the epitome of a femme fatale.

10. Rose and Skeleton Hand Tattoo

Rose and Skeleton Hand Tattoo Source

Keeping up with the melodramatic theme, a skeleton hand grasping a single rose just takes the cake. Some may interpret it as having a gothic vibe, while others may think that it is overflowing with drama.

9. Rose and Skull Glow in the Dark Tattoo

Rose and Skull Glow in the Dark Tattoo Source

A rose design mixed with a skull is perfect for a mysterious vibe. Add to that the fact that your tattoo glows in the dark, everyone around you might think that you are this charming temptress.

8. Tribal Rose Tattoo

Tribal Rose Tattoo Source

Sometimes, a rose design does not only signify delicateness or femininity. It can also symbolize being organic, unfiltered, and raw. Adding a tribal aspect to the rose will give that effect.

7. Rose Henna Tattoo

Rose Henna Tattoo Source

If you want a rose tattoo that is temporary but will still last a good amount of time, then you can opt for henna. You can also achieve such exquisite designs with henna. Usually, henna fades after three weeks.

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6. Watercolor Rose Tattoo

Watercolor Rose Tattoo Source

Simply stunning! This rose tattoo design will add to the effect of the delicateness of every rose petal. A splash of watercolor on a rose tattoo makes it look more dreamy. Be careful not to overdo the watercolor effect to still make the rose pop.

5. Colored Rose Tattoo

Colored Rose Tattoo Source

Bring life to your tattoo by adding color—not that a rose design needs one. You can stick with the classic red or you can try other colors that look equally stunning like blue or yellow.

4. Rose Tattoo with Text

Rose Tattoo with Text Source

Adding text to your rose tattoo will make your design truly yours. As roses are associated with love and charm, you can add a single word along those lines. Using a cursive font works well with the rose.

3. Outline Rose Tattoo

Outline Rose Tattoo Source

An outline rose tattoo will really highlight the details of the rose. What is so special about a rose design is that even if you are only doing an outline, it already looks amazing from any angle.

2. Delicate Rose Tattoo

Delicate Rose Tattoo Source

If you are a fan of all things subtle then this design will be perfect! In this way, you can put all the focus on the rose and everyone can clearly see the delicate design. 

1. Minimalist Rose Tattoo

Minimalist Rose Tattoo Source

A minimalist rose tattoo design is a good choice if you want to get the contrast between the strong look of the flower and the finished design. Besides the rose, you can also add minimalistic line work. 

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