Roku 4 Streaming Media Player

Best Christmas Gift Overall

Why people love it
  • The number of available TV shows/movies is always increasing
  • VERY fast performance; excellent Wi-Fi connection stability
  • Outperforms Amazon Fire, Chromecast, and Apple TV

Instant access to thousands of channels, can be used in any HDTV in your house, mobile app for Android/iOS, and features quad-core processing power for faster channel surfing.

Wi-Fi remote is a bit buggy.


Details: The fourth instalment in the extremely popular set-top box series keeps all the good stuff from previous versions, and builds on them with better picture quality, more control options and a wider array of content to choose from. Also features: support for 4K Ultra HD video, upscaling: It can transform 720p and 1080p videos to UHD, and 2,500+ streaming channels to choose from.

For TV-philes, this is an amazing Christmas gift! The Roku stick grants him access to more than 350,000 movies and TV shows from 3,500 channels--including paid channels like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, and Sling TV. He can find channels from all around the world, giving him access to content the way HE wants it.

The built-in quad-core processor delivers 8x channel-surfing speed of the previous model of Roku, and he'll love how easy it is to watch TV in any room of the house. Simply insert the Roku into any HDMI port for instant access to all your channels. He can even connect it to his smartphone and play the sound privately into his headphones—perfect for listening to music, playing games, or watching TV when there are guests in the house.

Price: It's a bit pricey at $98, but the one-time fee grants you access to the vast majority of channels, and you'll pay a nominal fee for access to premium channels.

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