Want to entertain the modern way?  This Robotic Bartender is easily the coolest gift for the modern home this season.  Of course, it's not cheap, but then sometimes, modern comes with a whack of a price tag.  And this is a computerized mixologist (that doesn't require tips).


This is the computerized mixologist found at country clubs, stadium luxury suites, and fine hotels that automatically makes perfect cocktails at the touch of a button. The touchscreen interface allows users to quickly select drink categories such as neats, martinis, and tropical drinks, search alphabetically, or choose a spirit, and it searches its 600-drink database for matching cocktails. Users can view any cocktail’s ingredients, invent new libations, and customize traditional cocktails by adding or omitting ingredients, increasing liquor proportions, and adjusting drink size.

  • The unit holds up to 16 750 ml or 1 litre bottles of spirits (not included) and 12 mixers (included) such as tonic water, cola, and lime juice.
  • An ice bin accessible from the countertop holds up to 20 lbs. of ice and a built-in garnish tray keeps blue cheese olives and lemon twists close at hand.
  • The cabinet is made from stainless steel or metal and wood veneer, the countertop is quartz, and the four casters enable easy relocation.
  • Dimensions: 66" H x 50" W x 26" D. (525 lbs.)

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