Road Shower 2

Best Car Mounted Camping Shower

Why people love it
  • Great solution
  • Good quality 
  • Nice capacity and heats well 

It’s not easy to remove and replace, so you should expect a semi-permanent fitting. Some users report less than stellar quality materials in older versions. 


We debated the merits of this camping shower for quite some time. It’s the most fantastic idea for car campers and road-trippers, but we feel the product is still in its infancy (despite being 4th gen). There are plenty of positives, like the easy-to-fill tank which you never have to lug around and the LCD thermometer to let you know whether it’s shower time or not.

The rack-mounted tank is fairly easy to install and the clips allow for hands-free washing are a real benefit, but the solar heating isn’t as effective as we would like – neither is the pressure. That said, the developers appear to be focused on the continual development of this camping shower. (You may want to take a look at some of their updates to the Road Shower on their website.) As it is, it’s pretty indispensable for some types of travelers, despite the price tag.

Tank capacity: 5 gallon

Dimensions: 53 x 7 x 6"

Weight: 19 lbs

Material and construction: Aluminum cylinder

Heated: Yes, solar

Temperature controls: LCD thermometer shows the water temperature

Power source: Solar for heating, pumps for pressure

Tube length: 55”

Water pressure control: Trigger and hand pump, but you can also use a bike pump, tire inflator, or a compressor up to 20 PSI. 

Price: You’ll pay $350, which is pretty expensive – and we would have expected more than a 1-year warranty.

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