Ride-On Pink Car

Best Gift for the Girl Who's Tired of Her Bike

Why people love it
  • Cute design
  • Remote control lets parents help kiddos cruise around the block
  • Adjustable seat belt

Lasts up to 10 hours at speeds as high as 2 mph. Realistic horn and engine sounds enhance every ride.

Only holds one child at a time, so buy several if you don't want to listen to arguments between siblings.


Why she’s gotta have it: We can ramble on about this car’s impressive features, but we think it’s pretty obvious why most girls love this electric vehicle. It’s pink, it moves quickly, and it sounds just like a real car. She can cruise around the block in style, and the built-in seatbelt keeps her safe when she hits a speed bump (or your neighbor’s mailbox).

Price: For less than $200, your favorite female can be the proud owner of this awesome vehicle. Too bad you can’t buy a car this cheap when she turns 16.

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