Why people love it
  • Life-resistant wear; will stay put for nearly 5 days
  • Flawless, salon quality color
  • Longwear nail enamel with a gel-like shine

We at Faveable think this ColorStay nail enamel brought to you by Revlon is the perfect everyday nail polish. While it won't last as long as many of the other polishes on our list, it can be purchased just about anywhere for right around $7. Super affordable and super stylish. Who could say no to that?

Not as thick as most gel polish and you'll be lucky if you get it to last a full week without chipping. But you get what you pay for, right?


Specs: The Revlon ColorStay formula is rich, but not clumpy, and a single layer is enough for full coverage. However, you can always opt for two layers if you prefer a shiny finish--that may score you an extra day or two without any chipping as well.

Additionally, the wide angle brush coats nails from base to tip for perfectly smooth, bubble-free application.

Shade Range: Revlon ColorStay is available in 30 easy to remove shades in vivid, brilliant colors. If you're looking for the perfect year round color we highly recommend the Queen of Hearts. It's a deep mulberry that would make for the perfect pedicure on any skin tone.

Staying Power: Although not the longest-lasting polish on our list, Revlon ColorStay is super durable yet still easy to remove. Still expect around 5 days of chip-free wear. Not too shabby!

Price: At $7.99 this is one of the least expensive nail polishes on our list--and at that price like that you can afford to buy one in every color!

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