This is another job that should be easy. Yet somehow it always seems as though it’s only easy to mess it up. But, accidents do happen, as does weather damage, so you’ll need to know how to replace window screens properly. There are different types of screens on the market, but you can generally use these tips to replace any of them.


Begin by removing the old spline (that’s the rubber thing in the track). Throw this away. You don’t want to reuse it as these become brittle with age. Secure the frame with wooden blocks so it doesn’t bow during installation. Lay the new screen over the frame so it overlaps by about an inch. Cut the corners at a 45º angle just beyond the spline groove. Push the new spline in, beginning in a corner. If you get bunches or wrinkles, you’ll need to start over. Once you’ve got the screen in place, then you’ll need to trim it back with a sharp blade.

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