Repel Windproof Umbrella

Best Umbrella Overall

Why people love it
  • A well-built, reliable, compact umbrella
  • Solid ribs and durable fabric can handle heavy winds and rain
  • Inexpensive yet a great product for the price

Smaller than expected and occasional quality control problems reported.


Construction: If you want sturdy, this is the rain umbrella for you. Though the fabric is lightweight, the nine reinforced fiberglass ribs are strong enough to offer excellent support even in heavy winds. Aside from the occasional quality control issue (umbrella arriving defective), you'll find that this is one of the most durable of the umbrellas on our list. Sadly, the umbrella canopy is smaller than expected—just 37 inches in diameter.

The great thing about this umbrella is the Teflon coating on the umbrella material. The Teflon repels water, making the fabric incredibly quick-drying. You can literally shake off the umbrella and roll it up a few seconds later to store in your bag without worrying about getting your belongings wet, thanks to the Teflon coating. 

Features: The umbrella has a button that, when triggered, telescopes out the three-fold, chrome-plated shaft, but makes it easy to collapse it down to the 11.5-inch long compact umbrella that fits in your purse. The handle is longer than you'd expect from a foldable umbrella, and gives you excellent grip thanks to its textured design.

The umbrella comes in a broad range of colors, making it easy to pick out in a crowd.

Price: At $24, this is one of the best-priced umbrellas on our list. It's durable enough to handle all but the harshest weather conditions, and it comes with a lifetime replacement warranty in case of defects or damage. Now that's what I call an amazing umbrella!

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