Best Christmas Gift for Rainy Days

Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella
  • Wind-defying construction; 9 resin-fortified fiberglass ribs
  • Flexible, durable, and versatile
  • The only umbrella he'll need for years to come
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Easy to open/close, lightweight, small enough to fit in a bag or backpack, incredibly durable construction, lifetime replacement guarantee, high quality, and reasonable price.

Suffers from quality control issues; some models arrive defective/broken.


Details: For the guy who spends a lot of time outdoors, this is the perfect rainy day gift. The umbrella is less than a foot long and weighs less than one pound, meaning it's portable enough to fit into any backpack or bag. However, it's built to be "windproof", with 9 resin-reinforced fiberglass ribs that keep the structure from bowing out even in heavy winds. The ribs flex and bend with the wind, but never break.

The Teflon-coated material is water repellent, so the rain will just slide off without soaking through, and the umbrella will be nice and dry when he goes to store it. It's easy to open and close, and the handle is ergonomic and slip-proof, with a wrist strap for easy carrying. All in all, it's the umbrella he'll ALWAYS want to have on hand when the rain falls.

Price: At $22, this is definitely pricier than your average umbrella. However, it comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee, so he can always get a replacement if/when the umbrella breaks. Now that's high quality!


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