Remote Control Deadbolt Activator

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You must be within 80 feet of your door to unlock it.


Design: With the Remote Control Deadbolt Activator you can unbolt the lock on your door from a distance and quickly enter your home without fumbling for keys.

Installation: This lock is easily installed with a screwdriverand requires no permanent alterations to your door - the device simply replaces the thumb-turn mechanism that controls a deadbolt from inside the home.

Performance: The included radio frequency remote control communicates with the device from up to 80 feet away and allows residents to unbolt the lock for guests (and re-bolt it when they depart) without trekking all the way to the door. With the Remote Control Deadbolt Activator you can quickly enter your home by pressing a button rather than fumbling for a key. The bolt can also be operated by hand or with existing keys. Requires four AA batteries that last for up to one year.

Price: This lock is the cheapest on our list and well worth the money.

What Reviewers Say:

  • "Product is awesome! Great product for people with limited mobility."
  • "I looked a the video before installing. It helped decipher the written instructions. I can enter the house without having to have the set of car/house keys."
  • "Easy to install onto a standard deadbolt. simple parts fit well and work well if you follow the steps for installation. Was worried about a little slack in the operation, but it opens and closes the bolt completely every time."


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